About Adamantini

Who is adamantini?

“adamantini” is a feng shui master, architect (ENSB Paris) and artist (Art Plastique Beaux Art Paris).
She specializes in feng shui studies, research, techniques and therapeutic applications. She is also involved in artistic creation of authentic, energy and therapeutic works of art. (energy art)
Those include: paintings, sculptures, artistic structures and compositions. Works of art that will provide your space with elegance and great aesthetics while interacting with the human chi, earthly chi and celestial chi. She also creates artistic decorations and accessories, essential for everyday (personal) energy applications and uses with original feng shui energy specifications and conditions.

All designs by “adamantini feng shui fine art applications” are exclusive and original.

By placing the works of “adamantini feng shui fine art applications” to the right position:
1) they will serve as “home-bioresonant”, “therapeutic” and “medicinal”
2) they will function as a “connecting channel” between yin chi and yang chi
3) they will help with any of your problems… in a curing and healing way
4) they will bridge the gap of compatibility – incompatibility issues between people
5) they will bridge the gap of compatibility – incompatibility in your personal Ming Gua
6) the will interact with the other feng shui elements and will balance the Chi energy, the Astral entities at home, at work, in life, in relationships, to your health

Reasons why the works of “adamantini feng shui fine art application” are valuable

Because… the Chi circulating in our space is changing, transforming, reshaping from the various influences of geometrical shapes, colors, formations and symbols it encounters in its’ route. As a result, this interaction helps the “breath of life” to be born.
Because… if the union between Yin Chi and Yang Chi is not appropriate, then Chi is blocked.
Because… shapes, colors and formations affect the quality of Chi
Because… all elements (earth, fire, water, metal, wood) have the yin Chi and yang Chi inside them, since everything is a Gin and a Yang! After all, we live in the world of duality.
Because… they are transmitting frequencies, they are transmitting vibrations. They are a “living organism”. The nine Stars are entities, energetic beings. They have life, because they have Chi!
Because… when Chi acquires material form, then it is the feng shui color, feng shui shape and feng shui formation that will determine to which of the five feng shui elements (water, metal, earth, wood fire), the material of our natural finally will belong to (Joseph Yu).
Because… the feng shui color, shape and form will serve as an energy medicine to the disharmony / disorder of human Chi.
Because… the feng shui color, shape and form can change the Chi, to an environment full of health, prosperity and harmony
Because… yin Chi and yang Chi will reunite, mate and give birth to the good beneficial Chi, the vital Chi that we all need
Because… this way we will be able to have a space full of harmony, health, prosperity and quality of life