The Celestial Turtle

The Celestial Turtle - Oil on Canvas - adamantini feng shui fine art applications

The Celestial Turtle

Oil on Canvas 2013
55 x 35 cm – 21 7/10″ x 13 8/10″ inches
Art work number 33

The Celestial Turtle, a creation by “Adamantini Feng Shui Fine Art Applications” of high art and aesthetics.

Original artistic creation, powerful metaphysical and energy representation in “physical form” of the celestial Feng Shui symbol of «Black Turtle». With colors shapes structures and information that highlight and enhance, the energy properties and potential of this celestial symbol. So the artwork «Celestial Black Turtle» became a powerful Feng Shui Yin Chi symbol.

Powerful symbol of health and longevity (as turtles live for many years) and support.

A shield providing protection and security, (as it uses its shell own as an armor). Powerful symbol of tranquility, slow and steady enrichment, (as it moves slowly). Wealth, is enhanced by the lucky coins it bears. Symbol of the north, the winter, the winter solstice and the feng shui symbol «water». It carries Luo Shu the «magic rectangle» in its back that no matter how you add its numbers (the dots) you get 15 as a result. The colorful regions with the dots, depict the orientation, the color and kind of the “five elements” of feng shui. Its position can be a) behind the yellow dragon (of the center) b) north of the house c) in the back of the interior of our house, our office, our room, our bed.