People close to us, family, kids, friends, lovers, partners, associates and colleagues, should match, “coordinate”, interact harmoniously and balanced with our own energy frequencies and vibrations. Harmony or disharmony in these relationships depends on Ming Gua compatibility or incompatibility between them.

Every person is vibrating / pulsating due to the energy frequencies / pulses of:

1) their personal Ming Gua number
2) yin chi or yang chi energy of the feng shui element “water metal wood earth fire” that defines them.
3) their personal direction group (east / west group).
4) their personal direction and palace in the map “luo shu”.

These vibrations / pulses, (bio-frequencies), interact with them and affect his communication and relationships with other people. They affect/shape, their character, personality, senses, thoughts and health. Because when a source pulsates a material it then tends to resonate to the sources frequency. That makes them responsible for the compatibility of their bio-frequencies with other people. Harmony / disharmony in the relationships between family members or friends sometimes occur. It is highly likely that human interaction, energy interventions and feng shui energy therapy, will change, bridge, enhance and neutralize problems in your life.

Identify the way to help, bridge, make good use of this knowledge to avoid potential compatibility issues between your Ming Gua and the Ming Gua of your kids and friends, through this innovative study / research of our book adamantini “feng shui fine art applications, love and business compatibilities” (Coming Soon).