Business Compatibilities

Business Compatibility

The success, profit, creativity and productivity of a professional economic co-operation, transaction, or partnership, depends on the interactive compatibility of the energy vibration and frequency of the feng shui elements between the trading partners. An ideal, an honest, a charismatic individual, is not guaranteed to provide a successful financial and business partnership. The vibration and frequencies of the ming gua elements (for wealth) must resonate energy between the parties.
You have to carefully check your business compatibility financial and professional with the one of the person you want to negotiate, to cooperate, to work and compete with financially or professionally.

You need to carefully check and secure the favorable and energy preconditions of your personal interests before any major business meeting or agreement.

You also need to carefully check your business compatibility, with the people you want to hire in your business or you are going to work with.

You need to carefully control your business compatibility in existing business partnerships – financial relationships. So, you can improve, prevent some unpleasant consequences and damages.

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