Love Compatibilities

Love Compatibility

With normal data regarding the quantity, quality, frequencies and vibrations, of the yin yang chi of our ming gua elements

Love compatibility (chemistry – attraction), between a couple, depends on and is determined by the interactive compatibility of our ming gua feng shui elements. This interaction should be harmonious, balanced with one another. They have to match and have compatibility in their respective energies quality and quantity. These ming gua element frequencies have to resonate as they are responsible for our biological rhythms (bio-frequencies). They, affect our senses, feelings, mind and thoughts, communication, body, health and of course our relationships.

Because everything in our universe is subjected to constant oscillation-vibration. Everything has yin chi and yang chi energy in them in various quantities, qualities, oscillations, frequencies and vibrations. Everything is a chi, a yin yang, chi.

A disturbed balance leads to a disturbed relationship. It can create psychological, health, social and professional side effects, poor quality of life, problems in a relationship or even separation.

A harmonious balance will lead to, an ideal, beautiful relationship, a happy family!


We can predict, diagnose, with a sufficient degree of reliability, the kind and the evolution of love compatibility, of a relationship if:

  1. know their feng shui ming gua (date of birth)
  2. the direction group they belong to (east – west)
  3. their direction palace (their place in luo shu)
  4. the «feng shui family member», that resides in their palace.

It is not uncommon for us to have a different love compatibility with similar data.

This can be caused by:

  1. a) abnormal quantity, quality, oscillations, frequencies and vibrations of their yin yang chi ming gua element. (data visible on their analytical “birth chart”)
  2. b) wrong data regarding date of birth
  3. c) from the positive or negative influence, social, family, professional and economic factors and other normal or abnormal, favorable or unfavorable conditions and situations.
  4. d) a false – illusory, image – impression, the couple shows to the world. A phenomenon that may be imposed by some social and professional obligations.
  5. e) by interacting with various energy conditions in their environment, such as decoration, colors, shapes, forms, objects.
  6. f) Influence – Interaction with ming gua, of other people that exist – live in their environment.
  7. g) Influence – Interaction of Flying Stars, dominating or visiting their environment. (the most likely)
  8. h) finally, by the power of the human will they process. Power that is above energy influences. This is the most important!!!

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