Personal Wealth Compatibilities

Personal Wealth Compatibility

Personal wealth compatibility or incompatibility of your Ming Gua interaction with other people can determine your financial relationship with them. It can be productive, profitable, or damaging as the interaction of your Ming Gua will bring similar circumstances towards this result. If you know how to manage of this interaction, you will be prepared to profit by or avoid a contact, a transaction with financial implications.

Understand how you can help improve / bridge productively and profitably your financially energy ming gua data, combined with the energy ming gua financial data of others.

The unique, original, serious and credible study – research by adamantini, can be by an invaluable guide, a valuable tool, attracting wealth for you. It can help you control your ming gua personal wealth compatibility, with simple visual (prints) applications and personal accessories of works of art by adamantini feng shui fine art applications that will “biocoordinate” you. They will attract personal wealth. They will prevent personal financial loss and damages.