Oil on Canvas 2015
50 x 70 cm - 19 7/10" x 27 5/10" inches
Artwork number  39


Oil on Canvas 2015
50 x 70 cm – 19 7/10″ x 27 5/10″ inches
Artwork number 39

This artwork was created by «adamantini» with colors and shapes of the feng shui element «water». It highlights and strengthens the energy properties of the aquatic chi, such as:

Wisdom, inspiration, spirituality, kindness, creation, insight, intelligence, flexibility, adaptability. Triggers and attracts wealth and abundance. It can help a new start, a new beginning. It can renew your forces. Placing it in the proper position, will act as a very powerful medication in accordance with the feng shui therapeutic applications and our needs and will help solve your problems.

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