Oil on Canvas 2014
50 x 150 cm – 19 7/10″ x 59″ inches
Art work number 13

This artwork created by «adamantini feng shui fine art applications» with the colors and shapes of feng shui “wood element.” Thus it gained very strong energy properties and capabilities such as:

– Strong tendencies of development and creation.
– Reinforcing tendencies of creative power, and developmental power.
– Promotional tendencies in administrative and organizational skills.
– Strong absorbent capabilities of various unwanted addictions.
– Powerful creative and artistic tendencies.

It is therefore an ideal and necessary help for companies for creators, artists, addicted individuals and for many other applications. The artwork «Celestial Big Wood» will act as a medicine and will help balance Chi energies at home, at work, in business, in life, in relationships and your health. Its large size further enhances all these qualities and capabilities.

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Celestial Five Elements - Oil on Canvas - By adamantini

Oil on Canvas 2014
75 x 55 cm – 21 6/10″ x 29 5/10″ inches
Artwork number 17

Powerful metaphysical and energy representation in “physical form” of the celestial Feng Shui five elements strong geometric shapes, with coded properties, structures and information so that their energies give us a powerful Chi of the feng shui “Earth”, “Fire”, “Water”, “Metal” and “Wood”. The energy of colors and shapes, of the work “celestial five elements” will help to transform into action, movement, quality the five elements like “Earth” in stability, security, seriousness, care, trust. “Fire” in leadership, fame, recognition, shine, glamour, kindness, affection, beauty. “Metal” in dignity, generosity, justice, nobility. “Wood” creativity, development, organizational skills, ethics. “Water” wisdom, inspiration, creation, gentleness. The interaction between them will help balance the Chi energies at home, at work, in life, in your relationships, your health.

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