He Tu Water 1 – 6

Oil on Canvas 2014
35 x 50 cm – 13 8/10″ x 19 7/10″ inches
Artwork number 26

HE TU WATER 1-6 Artistic creation, of a very strong energy and metaphysical representation of the feng shui element “water” in accordance with the specifications of «He Tu»

The artwork supports proper harmonious union of the earthly Yin cheng Chi with the celestial number 6 – and the Celestial Yang cheng Chi with the celestial number 1. So these are combined and so is born the strong feng shui element «water» that will give cheng aquatic Chi, which will act as a very powerful medication in accordance with feng shui therapeutic applications and our needs. This will enhance and highlight the energy properties of the aquatic chi, such as:
Wisdom, inspiration, spirituality, kindness, creation, insight, intelligence, flexibility, adaptability
It activates and attracts wealth and abundance. It can help, a new beginning, a fresh start and renew your strength.

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