Ming Gua

What is Ming Gua?

Ming Gua is the “destined number” for each person.
It derives from our date of birth. It’s our energy identity, our “connection” with the “metaphysical”. It’s their «connection» with a group of favorable/unfavorable directions, a personal direction/palace. It’s their connection with the feng shui five elements. As every ming gua is connected, influenced and characterized by a feng shui element (water, metal, earth, wood, fire).
These feng shui elements will help them acknowledge the character, personality, strengths and quirks of themselves or everyone they know.
It’s a hidden invisible force, vibrates in specific directions shapes and affects our personality and character. Moreover, our thoughts, minds, health, relationships and our interactions with other people.
It’s helps us control this interaction, this compatibility / incompatibility, regarding love, friendship, family, financial with other people we care about.
It’s helps us analyze, and discover our personal destiny as well as our personal colors and shapes in things and accessories we use every day. It interacts and aligns in a positive way with the frequencies of our Ming Gua feng shui elements.