Favorable / Unfavorable Direction Tables

Each direction, each orientation, corresponds to a different kind of energy, because of its influence on the magnetic field of the earth.
Each action is compatible (favorable), incompatible (unfavorable) with each person, depending on their feng shui ming gua number, element, group and the direction that corresponds to it.
Every ming gua number attracts a different direction, a different kind of fortune, prosperity and misfortune. A direction that may be favorable, lucky for one person may be unfavorable to another.
The 4 favorable directions are needed, in order to know how to locate, take advantage of the 4 lucky and favorable directions / places at home or in the office and find the room that is suitable for sleeping and working. Find the 4 most favorable directions for traveling, either for work or changing permanent residence.
The 4 unfavorable directions are needed, in order to know which areas, at home, at our office, on our travels and journeys, should be avoided.


Important Note

The favorable position of the bed in the bedroom is behind the pillow, not in the direction we face when we lie on it

The favorable position of the office, is the direction we face when we sit on the chair

The favorable direction of the kitchen, is the direction while staring towards the oven

In the table of feng shui directions you can find more about your feng shui favorable / unfavorable directions according to the energy compatibility of your group (East or West) that corresponds to your ming gua.