Wu Lu

Wu Lu


It is a powerful symbol of health, longevity, protection and prosperity.
It is deemed to encompass the elixir of health, vitality and immortality.

In antiquity, pumpkin was used as a water tank for travellers, as a gift of life. The Wu Lu shape is a representation of heaven and earth joined together: upper half is heaven and lower half is earth. Moreover, when it is used by people, it is considered as the ideal combination of heaven, earth and man.

The doctors-healers were using it as a pot for their medicine, knowing well about its’ beneficial and therapeutic properties.
The Taoist monks were using it in order to absorb the evil spirits. The Wu Lu pumpkin has the capability to absorb the bad “cha” Chi as well.

It is both necessary and imperative to place couples of natural golden pumpkins in our house areas that the Stars of sickness and loss lie (Star 2 and Star 5). Their combination (2 + 5 together) might bring disastrous consequences in our lives and our health.

The natural WU LU pumpkin is considered as the most therapeutic and effective live drug against disease in feng shui. Furthermore, the natural WU LU pumpkin is much more powerful and effective than any bronze imitation.

Pumpkin’s energy cultivation and energy preparation are both done under very special conditions and specifications.In fact, “adamantini” herself makes sure that the cultivation and preparation of pumpkins are done under the ideal conditions, in order to ensure their maximum therapeutic and energy action. Concequently, they are processed and prepared only by herself. The pumpkins are ready to be placed in your space, they are ready to be activated and help you to heal serious diseases and losses caused mainly from Star Entities 2 & 5.